Throughout my life, I’ve always been a hands-on person who is constantly learning new skills. While studying Visual Arts in Southern California I worked part-time as a handyman and cable technician. Although these roles were vastly different from what I was studying in school, I learned a lot about problem-solving, creative thinking, and troubleshooting. These became the building blocks that sparked a curiosity for me to move into digital design.

I transferred to Cal State East Bay where I continued my studies in UX Design. The various classes I took there opened me up to more opportunities to learn new programs and tools. Upon Completing my Degree in the Fall of 2020, I decided to further my skills and training at the University of California Berkeley’s Full Stack Coding Bootcamp. As a Future Digital Designer, I’ve found a place where I can balance both my love for visual design with the problem-solving skills needed for Coding.


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