Fast Eddie is a 2D side-scrolling story-based game created in the Unity Engine. The story is about a 15-year-old Chicano in 1970 who just can't wait to be older. Set in the barrio in Santa Ana California. This young man gets his wish and has to live with his choice.

This project was accomplished on my own with some help from tutorials from the Brackeys YouTube Channel. It was a fun and challenging experience as I taught myself C++ to create and customize scripts in unity.

This story is based on a true story about how Eddie wanted to get his driver's license early. Just shy of being 16 (the legal age at that time) he decides he just can't wait any longer. He finds a way to erase the birth year on his birth certificate and change it from 1054 to 1951.


In the process, he gets away with it... at first. During this period in American History, there was a mandatory draft for the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, the US Army tracked down draft-able men through DMV records.

Uncle Sam came for Eddie and the US Army could care less about his actual age. 


In this post-apocalyptic junkyard, your mission to collect supplies and usable materials comes to a halt. You've found yourself falling into the depths of the E-Waste territory. Keep them at bay as you fight and find your way to the surface in this 3D shooter.

This 3D environment with 2D sprites was created in a group effort where I got to take part in developing the story game mechanics. I took part in designing various enemy characters sprites by creating PNG sprite in Adobe Illustrator.


This junkyard is a part of a larger Trash Worlde. Our team was a part of 5 teams that wanted to create a unique franchise world.

Check it out at TrashWorld.Media


Meet Glee Bag, the Double Plastik Agent, working got the Nuclear Waste faction in Trash World. Help this old bag escape the E-Waste headquarters while collecting vital intelligence for The Nuclear Resistance.

This 2D adventure was a group effort where I got to take part in developing the story and creating all the environment and the pickup item assets by creating PNG sprite in Adobe Illustrator.


Glee Bag is a part of a larger trash universe as a larger group of individuals help create a more expanded story.

Check it out at TrashWorld.Media


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