UrbanGrown is a phone app that is designed to address food scarcity, waste, and to lower the impact of your carbon footprint by eating produce locally, for instance, from your neighbor's backyard. 

In California, there are many properties that have fruit-bearing trees that range from dwarfed, grafted, and full-sized that often produce more than the household can consume. 

A solution many have already is passing it off to their neighbors. In an effort to combine the spirit of giving and sharing UrbanGrown is a phone app that brings it all together.

I have created sample wireframes for this project as well as a full Proposal PDF document for more details below.

Have you ever borrowed a car? Maybe it was a friend's vehicle or a rental. There is often a moment or period of adjustment to familiarize yourself with the other vehicle. The basic steering wheel is where it should be, brakes and gas pedals are good. You feel confident until you make that first turn and mistake the windshield wipers for the turn signal. If this doesn’t sound familiar then a more common similarity is found when a friend asks you to look up directions on their phone. Finding the app on their device might take a minute depending on how familiar you are with that model or figuring out how they prioritized apps on their devices.

Nothing is more intuitive or instinctive than using your own phone. With PhoneClone your phone use is now fluidly extended into your vehicle through screen and audio using your Android or Apple device. Your phone is remotely accessed when you enter your vehicle. Use your favorite driving and music apps with the touch of the vehicle screen or launch apps with your voice using Siri or Google while driving. Access all apps while you are in the park. Kill some time watching your favorite YouTube channel while you are parked and waiting.

I have created sample screens for this project as well as a full Proposal PDF document with more details below.


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